Digital Detox

One of the greatest threats to your sense of self-control, self-regulation and general sanity is hiding in plain sight. You might even be reading this on it. 

It's increasingly clear that our smartphones and other devices are creating as many problems as they are solving. According to a recent article from the Harvard education department, “studies are beginning to show links between smartphone usage and increased levels of anxiety and depression, poor sleep quality, and increased risk of car injury or death.”

Coping Skills 101: For College Students in Crisis

When college students have serious difficulty coping with school and social stress, or other mental health challenges, they may find themselves backed into a corner without a lot of good options. Often, the school counseling center isn't equipped to provide support beyond once-weekly appointments.  What other options are there? A personal, intensive counseling retreat can fill this gap in services.

Let Go of Old Patterns...But Keep Your Shoelaces

One of the first things that can happen upon admission to a psychiatric facility is surrendering your belt and shoelaces. While an important safety norm for people who are severely depressed, it's a symbol of how impersonal institutional psychological care can be. Psychiatric hospitals are staffed by skilled and kind people, for the most part. But the system makes it very difficult to provide personalized care. Unfortunately, instead of personal counseling, the focus tends to be on prescribing medication.

On an individual counseling retreat, you're going to need your shoelaces…

In a Crisis, Taking Time for Mindfulness?

Why would an intensive counseling retreat devote part of the process to mindfulness and meditation, you might wonder.

In the midst of a marital, family or employment crisis, or when grappling with addiction early recovery, is it wise to slow down and focus on breathing? For a number of reasons, yes. Mindfulness may sometimes be the most impactful, and easiest to implement, new behavior one can add to a chaotic life situation or an overstimulated nervous system. Here are a few reasons why…