Client Testimonials 

I can’t recommend Doug’s services as a counselor and mentor enough. He has guided me through a number of major life crises, including
the realization that I needed to stop drinking. When the stuff hit the fan, he guided me on a retreat which became the beginning of major changes for me.
With his kind, clear, and direct manner, he helped me to both let go of destructive patterns, and find my way to mindfulness and a spacious place inside myself. My life is now very different. I will be forever grateful for our work together.

Jeff, chef and business owner

I had gone to my college counseling service when I felt overwhelmed, asking for intensive counseling. Unfortunately, they sent me to the ER, and I was admitted to a psych unit. This only made me feel worse. I got more discouraged, and angry. My mother found Doug’s website, and we agreed to start a retreat when I was discharged. The farm we worked at was just the right place for me. There were chickens running around, and bee hives. Nature! We went for long walks and sat by a stream. I figured out some important things, and learned new coping skills, and mindfulness. I was able to observe my thoughts and feelings, and was ready to return to school to face my problems by the end of the week. So glad we found this type of help.
Ashley, college student
New York

I had a personal crisis and explored many options for therapeutic intervention including local weekly counseling but decided on an intensive one on one retreat with Doug. It turned out to be a life changing decision and allowed me to quickly get to the root causes of my current problems in a manner that I did not expect. Without much knowledge regarding mindfulness or meditation, Doug’s insight and expertise introduced me to a concept that to this day helps improve my personal and professional life. Because of Doug, I was able to get through the crisis and am proud to say I’m happier and a better person in both my marriage and professional career.
Greg, ER physician
Dallas, Texas

My experience with Doug was nothing short of life changing. The time, care, and mindfulness that he put into my retreat was exceptional. He listened to everything I said about loving nature, and created a one-of-a-kind journey for me. I will never forget it or him. I couldn’t have been in better hands. He sent me home with many tools to help make it through the stressful times that may come. Thank you very much, Doug!
Becky, Author